Psychic protection is invisible yet subtle, working on a non-physical level of being although inextricably linked with the body. It surrounds us with a protective barrier where we can safely evolve our spiritual perception. As this form of protection works on an invisible and vibration level, using subtle energy fields such as crystals can enhance it.

Humans have always been aware of protecting themselves materialistically. They build houses with walls, doors and windows to keep intruders and the elements at bay. They put fences and gates around their houses and land for the same reason. However when it comes to protecting oneself, humans seem to forget this very basic yet very important protection.

Whether humans are working with others in a counselling field, teachers, doctors, holistic practitioners, basically anyone who comes into contact with people on a day-to-day basis, they need to be aware of psychic protection. One step further is the people who work within the paranormal fields and who allow their consciousness to travel to other realms on whatever level. Psychics, mediums, investigators ought to have protection.

In recent times esoteric knowledge that was originally available to a chosen few has suddenly exploded into all our lives. Whether we practice meditation or wish very hard, for example, to pass our driving test or for someone to phone, we are using techniques that involve us opening up. Most of the time people are unaware of this taking place and then do not close down afterwards and this can lead to psychic attack.


* Headaches, Nausea, Dizziness, blackouts, lethargy.
* Feelings of unease, tiredness, edgy, inexplicably depressed or oppressed.
* Inexplicable mood swings, helplessness, nightmares, despair.
* Prone to accidents.
* The feeling of being out of control invaded and ungrounded.
* Feelings of entities around you that wish you harm.
* Meeting someone and after feeling drained.

It is very easy to leave ourselves open and vulnerable to attack, to pick up negative energy from others or places, expanding our consciousness through meditation and yoga; this takes us into realms where we may not understand. Humans become a beacon of bright shining light allowing whatever is out there to come forward; we become a psychic "magnet" to everything around us. Everyone who opens up his or her psychic awareness needs to understand and learn to close down. Having a firm footing on the earth, staying grounded, is the first part of this.

To begin with we do not need to do any lengthy procedures involving rituals and prayers. For now the basic protection techniques is all one needs to know and once you start using these regularly you can move on to others. Humans need to be able to find a way of protecting themselves that is quick and easy and that can be used in any situation efficiently. The simplest form of psychic protection is as follows:


* imagining a "bag" of bright light that you can jump into.
* A light that you imagine surrounding your whole self.
* A halo above your head.
* A dustbin you can jump into and shut the lid.


This is purely subjective to the individual. The idea is that you find something that suits you and the situation you find yourself in. For example, a member of the team used to imagine jumping into a sleeping bag full of light and zipping it up over their head, now all they need to do is say the word "Light" and they feel immediately protected. If they are dealing with the paranormal and feel particularly vulnerable they imagine a circle of light with a cross running through it on their back.

On the more advanced levels we can learn to meditate and become aware of our aura, charkas and energy fields. We can visualise ourselves crystallising the outer edges of our auras to protect us. We can open and shut our auras like swinging doors. This may take several years to fully understand and to achieve.