Here are some of our more well known investigations. We now specialise in Private cases using a blend of both scientific
and religious techniques to establish the cause of any paranormal activity. Our extensive experience has made us experts
in contacting the spirit world, establishing reasons for activity, cleansing houses, helping lost spirits to move on and more recently
working in the field of negative spirit removal and closing of portals. For more help and guidance, please contact us using the link above.

The White Hart, Ashby

white hart

During it's long history, this public house has been used as a bear pit and it's cellars used for the holding of prisoners awaiting execution at the nearby Ashby Castle. The investigation resulted in many spirits, including children and an old lady. One spirit moved barrels and turned on gas taps.

Scarsdale Hall, Chesterfield


An overnight investigation at this now derelict 18th century former mansion proved an eventful evening. Strange lights and shadows were seen by members. Contact was made with some of its former members, one of which turned out to be quite violent with one member being pushed backwards along with stones being thrown. This powerful spirit came forward on to the spirit-board and continually lifted the glass on to its edge and span it a round.

Appleby Pub, Burton


Following local stories about this public house, we contacted the owners to enquire about activity. Following an overnight investigation, we were confronted with a former employee from a previous use for the building, who was not too happy with the current use and our involvement. After turning quite nasty, he remains resident. A further investigation may help to quieten things down.

The Ancient Ram Inn, Wooton under Edge

ram inn

Probably the most haunted building in England. The building is built on the site of a former pagan burial ground. Built in 1145, this building contains 2 open graves while the owner is reported to have been attacked by a resident Incubus. Several other spirits are believed to be resident including a woman looking for her lost child, a hooded monk and a witch along with her black cat!

Highcliffe Castle, Bournemouth


Highcliffe Castle is a Grade I listed building, which was built between 1831 and 1835 by Lord Stuart de Rothesay. Now being restored to its former glory. Our investigation unearthed several entities including a former resident family, including the master, his wife and 2 children.

The Falstaffs Experience, Stratford


Set in Set in the heart of Stratford-Upon-Avon, the former 16th century Shrieves House Barn is now a museum dedicated to the history of this famous town. Several ghosts still haunt the building and many witnesses have seen spectral figures waking its ancient passageways. A brief investigation led to the discovery of some very sinister characters.

The Queens Head Hotel, Ashby


One of Ashby’s main hotels, which include a nightclub have been the setting for many investigations by the team. This building originates back to the 17 th century and has many active spirits. The focal point is a former coachman with evil intentions along with the spirits of many former child residents. Many evening investigations has given the team some amazing results which are at present being investigated by The Ashby Museum (Local Historian).

Woodchester Mansion


Woodchester Mansion is an architectural masterpiece of the Victorian age abandoned by its builders before it could be completed. It has been virtually untouched by time since the mid-1870s, and today offers a unique opportunity to tour and explore a Gothic building in mid-assembly. The investigation here as part of our ASSAP training proved eventful (but very cold), which included one of our members being physically attacked and the discovery of a young girl.

Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham


One of Birmingham’s big 2 theatres, this venue provided a spectacular backdrop to our investigation. Although not the most active of buildings, we had encounters with its former manager and a stagehand that walks the upper levels.

Breedon on the Hill

This church on a hill just outside Ashby has many stories of spirits walking the graves. Ghostly mists and a man carrying a large sythe have been seen among its grounds.

Ashby Social Club

THe club which backs on to the Queens Head in Ashby, has many ghosts. There are several children who were plague victims, a woman from the 16th century who was held back by the infamous figure of the former coachman. He was tried for child abuse and murder and keeps aregular check on the other spirits.

The Belper Arms

Many storis eminate from the historic pub includig that of a former customer who is reguraly seen frequenting the bar area. Our investigations found a small french child walking the upper romms with his pet dog. A strong spirit in the bar area caused a wine glass to fly through the air and smash into the wall.

Blacklow Hill, Warwick

About one mile outside Warwick lies hidden a wooded hill known as Blacklow Hill. It was here that a king’s favourite met a sudden and violent end with the blow of an axe. Several visits have resulted in strange mists, orbs and areas that cause dizzy spells

The Old Windmill, Coventry

This old oub in coventrys medieval spon street holds the memories of former landlords, their staff and children. A violent ghost once tried to push a resident into the fire!!

Apollos Nightclub, Ashby

Details of this forthcoming investigation will apear soon

Chip Shop, Measham


The investigation here was carried out after the owners had experienced dark figures and poltergeist activity. A fairly quiet evening resulted in an elderly gentleman residing in the upper floors and a strange haze forming downstairs along with smell of burning metal and the appearance of a small child who had a very emotional effect on of the members. Since the Investigation the owner has leased the property out to an independent company, which says that the activity is still happening....

Stationery Supplier, Coventry


This building is now awaiting its new owners after being used for over 20 years as a stationery supplier. There were a few strange occurrences within the building but a lot more was revealed after a thorough investigation. Several spirits still reside in the building including one from the 1920’s and a former employee called “Jacob”.

Private House, Measham


A Call from the current occupiers led to an investigation into the regular activity, including growls, physical contact and dark shadows. Following 3 investigations, the cause of the trouble led to a previous resident with unfinished business. We helped this lost spirit (and others) to move on. The owners are now enjoying a lot more peace and quiet.

Woodlands Road, Stratford

A private house situated in a quiet residential area has proved to be a haven for the paranormal. Our ongoing investigations have revealed activity and the appearance of a former resident who was born in the 1830’s. Several other spirits seem to be present but further investigations will be carried out to reveal the possibility of a more sinister history.

Private House , Nottingham

The current owner has been plagued by violent threats from 3 malevolent spirits. Voices have been recorded and objects moved around the house. Now approaching our 3rd visit, things have quietened down and we hope to move the spirits on to give the family their peace and quiet back.

Social Club, Bournville

Dark shadows, voices and the moving of objects have been a regular occurrence here. Following an extensive investigation, the activity was attributed to a former manager, who was still "working there", keeping an eye on the staff and helping with functions. This is a very friendly spirit and a return visit is scheduled for 2007